Judaism - Hanukkah

Image of Judaism - Hanukkah
Image of Judaism - HanukkahImage of Judaism - HanukkahImage of Judaism - HanukkahImage of Judaism - Hanukkah

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EDpaX - Judaism - Hanukkah - The topic Hanukkah – Festival of Lights consists of 29 teaching pages with associated pupil activities full of information including bright, colourful photos/images.  Each page is accompanied by extensive Teacher’s Notes to support the teacher when teaching Judaism in the classroom.  Many opportunities are given for the pupils to practise their knowledge and to compare and contrast the Jewish religion with other religions that they may know. 

The topic tells the story of Hanukkah and explains the difference between a menorah and a hanukkiyah. How Hanukkah is celebrated and the Dreidel game are included. Assessment is included. 

EDpaX R.E. lessons are written in Notebook for the SMART board and in ActivInspire for the Promethean board. Fully editable.

Single User Licence.

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