Phonics 3 - 'ir' (UK)

Image of Phonics 3 - 'ir'  (UK)
Image of Phonics 3 - 'ir'  (UK)Image of Phonics 3 - 'ir'  (UK)Image of Phonics 3 - 'ir'  (UK)Image of Phonics 3 - 'ir'  (UK)

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UK English

EDpaX Phonics 3 – ‘ir’ – 32 active, fun, colourful and engaging teaching pages with associated pupil activities where the pupils will learn:

  • that ‘i’ and ‘r’ together make the sound ‘ir’
  • to recognise the ‘ir’ sound in words
  • to identify if the sound ‘ir’ is in a word
  • to read words with the sound ‘ir’
  • to spell words containing the sound ‘ir’

Assessment included.

EDpaX Phonics lessons are written in ActivInspire for the Promethean board and in Notebook for the SMART Board. Fully editable.

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