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First Level English Grammar Topics

Instant English Grammar topics consisting of many lessons and activities for your pupils!

EDpaX English Grammar topics for First Developing, First Consolidating and First Secure are aligned to the Curriculum for Excellence. 74 topics give breadth, depth and progression in conjunction with opportunities for active learning. Clear lesson objectives and extensive teachers’ notes, incorporating the rules of English Grammar, drive quality teaching and learning. Assessment is included.

EDpaX CfE Grammar combines colourful and engaging teaching pages with fun educational activities. The fully editable product provides a comprehensive and flexible resource for the busy teacher. The children love it! 

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Full site licence. One-off purchase. 

EDpaX CfE English Grammar topics are written in ActivInspire for the Promethean board and in Notebook for the SMART Board. Fully editable.

Each level can be purchased individually. Please contact EDpaX.

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More info $920.00 £550.00 (ex VAT) €662.00
More info $920.00 £550.00 (ex VAT) €662.00
More info $920.00 £550.00 (ex VAT) €662.00
More info $920.00 £550.00 (ex VAT) €662.00

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