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EDpaX Spanish Language

EDpaX exciting, sound enhanced Primary Spanish provides visual and colourful Interactive Whiteboard lessons enabling the teacher to deliver the Primary School Curriculum. Covering 28 topics (350+ pages) these step-by-step lessons run on all Interactive Whiteboards. The materials enable the teacher to deliver the curriculum with depth, balance continuity and progress.

EDpaX Primary Spanish introduces and reinforces initial language, spelling, vital verbs, simple sentence structure and small paragraphs in a variety of exciting ways. Teacher's help is provided on every page offering guidance and support. The product is sound enabled providing help with pronunciation for both teachers and pupils.

The product is stand alone but also enhances any scheme already in place. Although aimed at middle/upper Primary it can be used successfully at other stages. Ideal for both the non-specialist and specialist Primary School teacher.

EDpaX Spanish differentiated photocopiable workbook is available to support the Primary Spanish Language software. Each workbook contains 56 pages which reinforce and consolidate every topic. Worksheet 1 reinforces the basic vocabulary of the topic. Worksheet 2 addresses the more challenging learning objectives of each topic. A language planning grid which aligns the language content with the learning objectives is included.


  • Instructions for Use
  • I will learn … allowing the teacher to share the aims of the lesson
  • Teaching pages
  • Pupil activity pages
  • On screen Teacher’s Help
  • Printable pages


  • Reduces teachers’ preparation time
  • Provides teachers with expertise in using Interactive Whiteboards
  • Encourages all learning styles
  • Promotes creativity in the classroom
  • Allows more time for discussion through presentation
  • Promotes quality teaching & learning
  • Sound enhanced by a native Spanish speaker

This product is stand alone but can enhance any scheme already in place.


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Product Pricing

Product Price
Disk 1: Spanish Language £189
Disk 2: Spanish Language £189
Disk 1 & 2: Spanish Language £350

*excluding VAT and postage

Discount available for small schools. Please phone to discuss.

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