2D Shape

Image of 2D Shape
Image of 2D ShapeImage of 2D ShapeImage of 2D ShapeImage of 2D Shape

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MATHS – 2D Shape – Year 4 – 60 teaching and pupil activity pages where the pupils will learn to:

  • identify, name and classify heptagons
  • identify, name and classify polygons
  • identify, name and classify equilateral, isosceles and right angle triangles
  • identify sides, angles and vertices in heptagons, pentagons, hexagons and octagons
  • identify the difference between regular and irregular shapes
  • identify convex and concave angles
  • use triangles to make patterns
  • use Carroll diagrams

Assessment included. National Framework aligned.

EDpaX National Framework Maths is written in ACTIVInspire for the Promethean ActivBoard and in Notebook for the SMART Board.

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