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Children are often reticent when asked to speak Spanish to other children and adults. They can be stimulated by incorporating language skills into games. A variety of games, which are fun, can be very effective because they build on the children’s linguistic skills and encourage confidence.

See some great games for you to use when teaching Spanish in the Primary Classroom.

The game, You and Me, can be used initially with very basic Spanish language. The teacher can build upon the language learned enabling the game to be effective on many levels according to the linguistic abilities of each child. The children learn and reinforce the language by using it in conversation with their peers.

Spanish Game - You and Me

You and Me - a fun and effective Spanish Language game to try in your classroom today. The aim of the game is to encourage the children to hold a simple conversation in the Spanish language.

See the game - You and Me

French game

Spanish Game - ColoursSmarties

Reinforce the teaching and learning of colours in Spanish in your classroom today. A fun game enjoyed by all children.



Spanish Game - Numbers and ColoursColours and Numbers

Reinforce the teaching and learning of numbers and colours in Spanish. A group game using dice and coloured pencils.

SEE THE GAME - numbers and Colours


Coloured Classroom Objects

Spanish Games -  Classroom Objects

Reinforce the teaching and learning of classroom objects in Spanish by playing 'Snap' or 'Find the Pairs'.

See the games - classroom objects


Spanish Games -  LottoLotto

Reinforce the teaching and learning of any numbers in Spanish by playing Lotto. 

See the game - Lotto


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