Free Primary French Game

Numbers and Colours

This is a group game for reinforcing numbers and colours in French. The teacher may decide to extend the use of the French language beyond the initial language used.

You will need: colouring pencils, pens or crayons, a printed game sheet and dice.Colours and Numbers

The aim of the game is to complete the colouring of the clown according to the number rolled on the dice.

Each time a pupil throws the dice they can say, ‘Je lance le dé.‛ When the number comes up they can say e.g. ‘C‛est cinq.‛ The pupil then says the colour which matches the number according to the grid e.g. ‘C‛est noir.‛

Although the game is played in groups there can be variations on how the game is played. Please download the worksheet and instructions here.

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