Coloured sweets

Free Primary French Language Game


A fun Primary French game for reinforcing colours.

You will need:

Packets of mixed coloured chocolate beans or equivalent, 2 pieces of kitchen roll or 1 piece of kitchen roll and a paper cup for each group.

The aim of the game is to reinforce the colours in French. The children use basic vocabulary which can be extended by the teacher as the children’s confidence progresses.

  • Divide the class into groups of ideally 4 or 5 children.
  • Give each group: a packet of coloured chocolate beans, 1 or 2 pieces of kitchen roll and/or a paper cup.
  • The teacher revises orally with the whole class the colour of each chocolate bean.
  • Each group puts one of each colour of chocolate bean on the kitchen roll and the rest in the paper cup.
  • The aim of the game is for each child to find out by a process of elimination which chocolate bean is the ‘bad’ one.
  • The children in each group decide which child will stand away from the group whilst they decide which colour of bean is the ‘bad’ one.
  • The child returns and picks up the first bean and says the colour in French e.g. C’est rouge. C’est bon?
  • If it is a good one the children in the group say: Oui. C’est bon. The child then eats that chocolate bean. The child picks up the next one and says the colour in French e.g.  C’est bleu. C’est bon? If it is good then the group says: Oui. C’est bon. The child eats the chocolate bean and continues until he/she picks up the colour which is ‘bad’. The child says e.g. C’est vert. C’est bon? The children respond by saying: Non. C’est mal! or Non. C’est toxique!
  • The child does not eat the ‘bad’ one but replaces it and their turn ends.
  • The group replaces the colours that have been eaten, another child stands out and the group decides on the next colour which is ‘bad’.
  • The game can continue until all the colours are used up or until the teacher decides to end the game.

Teachers' Note

The game can be quite noisy but the children do remain focused and it is fun. The groups could be encouraged to whisper!!

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