About EDpaX

EDpaX is a group of experienced educationalists. Drawing on a wealth of experience and skills gained in the teaching profession, EDpaX has designed Interactive Whiteboard lessons and activities for teachers and pupils.

We want to support you, the busy teacher. Our lessons for teachers aim to help you by promoting quality teaching and learning, using the Interactive Whiteboard, when delivering the Primary School Curriculum.

EDpaX Interactive Whiteboard software aims to provide maximum learning and fun for everyone!

Why is EDpaX different?

  • Lessons directly aligned to National Guidelines
  • Easily identifiable learning objectives for both teachers and pupils
  • Relevant and detailed on screen Teacher’s Help
  • “What will you learn? / I will learn …” pages allowing the teacher to share the aims of the lesson
  • “What did you learn?” plenary pages allowing the teacher to revise the aims of the lesson
  • Group assessment
  • Printable individual assessment/follow-up worksheet
  • Fully EDITABLE Maths product (up to 12,000 pages) with detailed Maths Planning, Record of Achievement and Next Steps …
  • Fully EDITABLE Phonics product
  • Fully EDITABLE English Grammar product
  • Fully EDITABLE R.E. products

The benefits of EDpaX software

  • Delivers and enables the teacher to teach the Primary School curriculum using the Interactive Whiteboard
  • Promotes quality teaching and learning
  • Easy to use
  • Bright, colourful and engaging
  • Incorporates all educational targets
  • Provides depth, breadth and progression
  • Promotes differentiated learning
  • Encourages all learning styles
  • Increases teacher/pupil motivation and participation
  • Seamless integration of ICT throughout the curriculum
  • Maths, English Grammar, Phonics and R.E. fully editable
  • Primary Languages helping teachers deliver the Primary School language curriculum with confidence